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Impossible to use

Its impossible to use. We cant create a new user. Maybe its a good app, but….

Useful but time consuming

This is a useful software but time consuming in the beginning...

Dont bother

I tried to create custom foods, portions and nutritional data. The interface is broken. I couldnt enter specific data for specific foods.


I coulnt type in any of my informations, everything was blocked… on top of that, every 5 seconds I would get error messages. I deleted it after 5 minutes… and I even had trouble closing the program because the error message would prevent me from doing it…!


Too bad. Works great on the iPhone - Easy, intuitive, effective. On my Mac, however, dudsville. They added a bunch of "sophisticated" options that render it functionally useless. I started out trying to add a cup of coffee and gave up. 1 star.

Not the best

I used the app and it works well, but I found that a lot of the calorie counts were off and that the averages were not very good. Its easier to use a free online program

The last update

The app crashed after the last update, it cant finish localisation process and shuts down. Fix it or I want my money back!


Ive been using Calories on my Mac for 2 years now and LOVE IT!! Tracking made simple... no bugs and works very well. Get it!!! You will be very pleased!!

Super easy to use and very adaptable

Ive tried other similar programs and I love Calories 2 the best because its just so easy to use. Type in what you eat and the list rolls out quick and easy for you to drill down and find what you had. Its so adaptable because I live in Asia, Im really suprised at the variety of foods in this apps data base. It may not have exactly what I eat but I can most times find a substitute thats close enough. Theres no fumbling around setting things up. Just fill in your wght and hght and your goals, thats the only thing to do when you first get this helpful app. Im super concerned about my Sodium (salt) intake. I just hit the ingredients button and I can see the total for that day. Cant decide? As always, most Mac developers will allow for trial downloads. Give it a go. This app also takes into consideration how active you are.

Very good design, but still needs some work

I just purchased this program, and from what I can see the program is very well designed. My only complaint/request would be for them to add a database of food items that are sold at restaurants, and prepackaged food, this information would be very useful for those of us who have to eat out on a regular basis.

nothing but hassles

ive had nothing but hassles since i got this. every time i try to sync data from iphone or computer, i loose all data. ive had to sign in and creat account information 3 times. i tried contacting support, but the only support they offer is by email

Great app - highly recommended

Great app & great customer support. Easy to set up and sync with iPhone & iPad. As a former user of VidaOne, this is a great alternative. Would be great to see exercise recording equipment ( ie Garmin Forerunner 310XT) integration.

Good, Not Great

So far Im happy with my purchase however I would love to see restaurants and brand name foods added. Even free apps such as Loose It for the iPhone have this option and do it very well. Overall this is a good app and I am exctied to see how they continue to update it. Even despite its lack of restaruants and brand name foods I would recommend purchasing Calories 2. It is easy enough to find subsitute foods and to create your own. And lets be honest, we probably shouldnt be eating out as much!!! At least I shouldnt! I am excited to use the custom food option to enter in what I make at home.

Waste of money!

This app is a waste of money, plus it doesnt work half as good as all the free websites out there. The food data base doesnt include very much; creating your own food items takes way to much time; and the mobile version of this app is even worse. Dont waste your money. Use one of the may free web based programs out there. I just started using, and in 5 minutes I accomplished more with my food entries, then I could in an hour with this app.

best calorie tracking, nutrition and activity tracking app ever...

First of all: This is a real, native MacOS X application! No primitive port of a windows app like P…D… with an ugly user interface. 2nd: It syncs! Several desktop installations and with Cal2Go (see on iTunes store) my iPhone and an iPad! The version here on Mac Appstore is a 5-user version! OK, first I ran into trouble setting this up correctly. But finally with some help of the support it works perfectly. 3rd. It utilizes the USDA Food database! This database from US gouvernment might not contain all of the pre made convenience foods, but it has nearly all necessary foods from the US and it is reliable! It also offers 44 ingredients like different vitamins and minerals etc. ! Not only fat, carbon and fibre! Creating own, custom foods is possible easily, so nothing to worry about! 4th. This app does not only track my intakes… it also allows tracking activities - that means burned calories - and body data like weight, fat and lean mass. It also offers import of data that was measured with a Withings body scale… I do not own that yet, but I will get it soon. 5th… and this is the point: I lost weight and I learned to change my habits! Thanks for this great app!

Strange and cumbersome interface

It has a strange and cumbersome interface. Also, it uses the metric system instead of pounds and inches, so Americans will probably not like this. Using this program is probably much harder than using a spreadsheet or notepad to track calories.

Love it

Well you can change it from kilos and centimeters to inches and lbs in the preferences and it does a great job calculating your excersise calories and has a great calculating program within it and has almost every food possible. Its Great

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